Every Sunday Night at the GAYLORD CAMPUS, students will experience powerful worship, fun games and a message from God’s word while hanging out with their friends! Students can also join a Group, where they strengthen their relationships with Christ and their friends, all in one night.


  THE GATHERING 912, students will love the upbeat worship, easy to understand preaching, and fun games. Gathering 912 meets on


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We're raising up the next generation of world changers!

Text updates and notifications 

Text "g912" to (989)341-8498

JUNE 22, 2022

Join us as we travel to CRAIG'S CRUISERS in Grand Rapids. We'll have access 3 attractions, pizza & pasta buffet, and arcade credits! The cost is only $30 for this all day event! 

JULY 1, 2022

When looking for fun things to do in Michigan, look no further than Michigan’s Adventure Amusement Park and WildWater Adventure Waterpark.  Only at Michigan’s Adventure will you find over 60 rides, slides and attractions, including seven roller coasters. Continue your journey at WildWater Adventure, home to Funnel of Fear, three wave pools, slides of all kinds, and Half Pint Paradise. 


Join us every Friday night at 7:00pm for our BONFIRE FRIDAYS! 

It will be a great time to get together and enjoy some food, fun, and fire!

JUNE 10 - Cook Farm

JUNE 17 - Cards Cozy Cabin

JUNE 24 - House's House

JULY 8 - Cook Farm

JULY 15 - House's House

JULY 22 - Cards Cozy Cabin

JULY 29 - Savage Acres

  Starting an ALPHA group is a great way to engage your friends in questions of faith and meaning 


Today’s teens present an interesting opportunity: While increasingly fewer Gen Z’ers are identifying as Christian, a growing number are open to talking about faith.  In our research on Gen Z, we found 64% of non-Christian teens openly admit they have unanswered questions about faith. They feel comfortable talking about faith matters, even with people who don’t share their point of view. They value peaceful, unforced dialogue where the outcome is simply mutual understanding.  As for their Christian peers? They’re engaging in the conversation too! In fact, 78% of Christian teens have had a conversation about their faith identity with a non-Christian within the last year!  Do you see the opportunity here?  We Do! Starting an ALPHA group is a great way to engage your friends in questions of faith and meaning.   Today you have an opportunity - a responsibility even - to not only enter into the conversation but to resource and equip your friends, and lead these conversations yourselves! This is what Alpha is all about. Use the resources on this page to create the space for ongoing faith conversations with your friends. 

Email me anytime if you need help getting your ALPHA going:  daveb@miefree.org

What's going on at GATHERING 912


We're raising up the next generation of world changers!

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