Why christian counseling?

No matter the philosophical approach, counseling is always a relationship in which counselors attempts to help an individual, couple, or family better understand and address concerns in an environment of safety, trust, and privacy. What makes the Biblical approach unique is it intentionally integrates the truth of the Bible with truth that is knowable in the created universe. The underpinnings for this are beliefs that:


  1. 1. God created the universe in an orderly way revealing much about Himself by what He made, while making general truth discoverable through study of the natural world.
  2. 2. He supernaturally revealed authoritative truth on all things pertaining to man and God by the written Word of God – the Bible.


E-Free Church seeks to provide counseling that is consistent with sound clinical practice without undermining our belief that the teachings of the Bible is the foundation of solid, reliable answers to the challenges and problems of life.

How do I get started?

Counseling begins by making a phone call to the church office, (989)732-2647.  The office manager will collect a minimal amount of information and then will forward this on to Jack Dutton, our Licensed Professional Counselor.  Mr. Dutton will conduct a brief phone interview to help assure what is being requested fits the parameters of our capabilities. If there is a fit, an initial appointment is made and an intake packet is either mailed or picked up at the church.  


The basic intake packet includes: 

  1. 1.   A counseling agreement to help assure the counselor and counselee(s) have the same expectations for the counseling process.
  2. 2.  A background information form completed by each participant.
  3. 3.  Any pre-session assessments that are discussed during the phone interview.  (Assessments may also be done online sent via e-mail)

What about confidentiality?

To protect what is shared in counseling is kept in strictest confidence, we commit to legal and professional ethical guidelines as described in the counseling agreement that each person signs prior to the first session.


Exceptions include:

  1. 1. A counselee’s intend to harm themselves;
  2. 2. A known risk for someone else to be harmed;
  3. 3. Evidence of child abuse or neglect;
  4. 4. A release of information;
  5. 5. A court order.

Who is counseling offered to?

  1. 1.  Members and regular attenders at Gaylord E-Free Church seeking individual, marital, and family counseling are given first priority. 
  2. 2.  Non-Members/Attenders are considered on a case by case basis

Cost of counseling?

  1. Because this is a ministry of Gaylord E-Free Church, we do not charge a set fee. Our goal is to keep counseling as accessible as possible without either financially overburdening the church or those needing counseling.  All counselees are asked to make a tax deductible contribution at the time of service to the church according to their financial ability. This helps assure the future of this ministry.  

  2. *A good way to calculate a minimum donation is to multiply gross income by .001 times, i.e. 

    $10,000 = $10

    $20,000 = $20

    $30,000 = $30

    $40,000 = $40

    $50,000 = $50


Jack is a Michigan Licensed Professional Counselor and is Board Certified by the American Association of Christian Professional and Pastoral Counselors. Jack intentionally integrated Biblical studies with each level of his formal education, earning 2 years towards a B.A. in youth ministry, a B.A. in psychology and a M.A. in Professional Christian Counseling.


His ministry began full-time in 1975 and has included Christian camping, the youth pastorate, residential treatment with troubled teens and their families, counseling and co-coordinating a 4-site Christian Counseling ministry, associate pastor of Counseling and Church ministries, and intensive, home-based family therapy. Since coming to E-Free in 2007, he has completed certificate trainings in Marriage Mentoring, 2:24 Genesis Project Marriage Training, Addiction & Recovery, Stress & Trauma Care with Military Application, and certification as a S.Y.M.B.I.S Pre-marital/Marital Assessment Facilitator.


Jack has been married to his wife Jan, a R.N. since September 1977. They have two married daughters and 2 grandchildren